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*This is actually Ruby with her head inside a sleeping bag but it reminded me of a crime scene. I like it because it is spooky.


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Policeman’s Point North Eastern Tasmania

For Dustin’s 6th birthday he wanted to go camping again. Somewhere he could go fishing. So we went to Policeman’s Point about two hours East of us.

Dustin wanted a tent for his birthday so we bought him his own little tent which he shared with Ruby. We also got him a new sleeping bag and a light for his tent.

Of course we had a campfire… and marshmallows.

Dustin caught a HUGE fish! we were so proud of him. All the kids ate him for dinner.

Dustin made friends with a shag whereing a coat of seaweed.

We all had a great weekend. And thanks Anna, Anisa, Karen and Shane for sharing the weekend with us 🙂

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My March

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Catching up on Project 365





I still have 10 more days to post but you can see them here.

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My new iPhone App

I down loaded an application on my iPhone to play with when I take photos when I am out and about.  It is called Dynamic Light. It is so much fun. It makes boring photos like this:

Look much more interesting. Like this:

Here are some more.

(self portrait ha ha)

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