I love nature and taking photos, I love my kids and looking for treasure on the beach, my best friend is also my partner in life although I hate it when he puts his shirts in the wash without undoing the buttons first. I make stuff and I fix stuff up, I raise animals and sometimes I cook them. I am an animal lover but I eat meat, I try to raise my own or buy free-range and organic. I vote for the Australian Greens and I am proud of that. I am not a Christian. I follow a Pagan path and worship the Earth.

I live on an old run down dairy farm with no cows… well not many anyway. The old farm house we live in is close to falling down, but we are slowy fixing it up.  I am scared of grasshoppers and I drink tequila and chardonnay (not at the same time), I paint, I write, I sing very badly in the shower. Right now I am a stay home mum with two littlies.  I read a lot of books and watch movies. My guilty pleasure is True Blood! The TV show, not the drink. The drink isn’t real!

I am a terrible gardener which isn’t such a good thing with visions of a permaculture farm, I’m a good cook and I love to go camping. I am 100% fake blonde. I think I am grey under all that bleach. I love wearing pajamas and slippers and if I am ever a billionaire I will never wear regular clothes again. I buy too much stuff from Etsy and thrift shops. I don’t like commercial shopping. I HATE grocery shopping but that is OK because we have online shopping in our area now.

I am impatient, a slow learner, short tempered and have a potty mouth when I am cranky, but I am kind and generous and a good listener. I can keep a secret if it is yours but not if it is mine. I like to hang out with animals more than people. I love star fish and Angora rabbits. I drive a Volvo and  I live in Tasmania, Australia.

It is nice to meet you :)


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