… things I love about my life.

1. Living here

2. Being able to cook.

3. Having lots of little creatures living around me.

4. Being creative

5. Them (below)

6. Baking fresh bread in the morning.

7. Our ever improving home.

8. Growing our own food

9. My iPhone. His name is Fred.

10. Saving wonderful old things from op shops and turning them into something else.

11. Living in the country AND close to the beach.

12. The cup of tea which magically arrives next to my bed each morning.

13. Baby chickens

14. Seeing snow on the mountains in winter.

15. Living with a man who can literally fix anything, make eggs Benedict and builds houses for all my creatures.

16. My Volvo.

17. Good health.

18. Red wine by an open fire.

19. Camping on weekends.

20. Beautiful places to go walking.

21. I am so glad I never smoked.

22. Learning how to crochet, even though it took me a painfully long time.

23. Listening to audiobooks while I do the housework.

24. Fresh air

25. Knowing my kids live in a safe environment away from car jackers, home robbers and other nasties.

26. Clean unpolluted beaches

27. Shopping online

28. Having a cow called Daisy.

29. Living by the seasons

30. Reading books in bed

31. Slippers

32. Being able to turn the music up as loud as we want and party into the night because we have no close neighbors.

33. Buying food from local farms.

34. Weekends away.

35. The Tasmanian Wilderness.

36. Left over homemade pizza for breakfast

37. Growing tulips in my garden

38. Woodsmoke

39. Cold foggy mornings and snow

40. My bunnies

41. When Scott makes me cheesecake and I have to eat it all at once (almost)

42. Him


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  1. fleasha

    🙂 I love your life, Kel.

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